InsuranceRescue Staff

InsuranceRescue uses many insurance professionals for our projects. We select individual contractors with extensive experience relative to each assignment. CVs for InsuranceRescue’s project partners and team members are provided during engagement discussions.

Please contact Mr. Farrs if you have any questions regarding any our contract partners’ extensive experience.

Jon meets with Lisa Kaplan at Senator Klobuchar’s office in Washington DC

Jonathan Farris

Mr. Farris is a seasoned insurance company officer, business executive and operations professional. He has served in numerous management  and technical positions for international, national, super-regional, and regional insurers. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

From underwriting to sales & marketing to product & pricing to auditing, he has been involved with most aspects of P&C insurance.

Mr. Farris is a past member and committee chairman at PCIAA, NAMIC and numerous other insurance-related professional organizations. He is a past governing board member (both as a public and company representative member) of the Minnesota FAIR Plan and the Washington FAIR Plan.

Mr. Farris and InsuranceRescue specialize in expert witness and legal support; operational efficiencies; profit improvement programs (Underwriting; Pricing; Product); auditing and audit program development (Process; Underwriting); regulatory compliance; quality control (QC) programs; vendor support, competitive intelligence and market entry; due diligence and acquisition support; sales/marketing support; and more.

Jon holds his Property and Casualty producer (agent) license.  Please see his Linkedin Profile for more information.

Mr. Farris is also an advocate for safer police pursuits. He is founder of Pursuit for Change and is Chairman Emeritus of PursuitSAFETY, a California based non-profit. Mr. Farris is interviewed regularly by mainstream media and is a passionate speaker for insurance, civic groups and law enforcement.

Current and Past Professional Organizations
  • Pursuit for Change
       Founder & Chief Advocate
  • PursuitSAFETY
       Board of Directors Chairman Chairman Emeritus
  • Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCIAA)
       Property Committee
       Automobile Committee
  • Minnesota FAIR Plan Governing Board
       Financial Audit and Benefit Plans Committee – Chairperson
       Underwriting Committee
  • Alliance of American Insurers (now PCIAA)
       Automobile Committee
       Property Committee (Personal & Commercial)
  • Washington Property Insurance Plan Governing Board
  • National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)
  • Insurance Federation of Minnesota
       Policy & Planning
       Regulatory Environment
       Privacy Task Force
       Homeowners and Automobile Committees
  • Minnesota independent insurance agents (MIIA)
  • Minnesota professional insurance agents (PIA)
  • Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies (MAFMIC)
  • Conference of Casualty Insurance Companies (now PCIAA)
  • Wisconsin Underwriters Association


Scott Farris

Lead, Wells Fargo

Scott is currently employed as a Lead for a newly formed (2018) division of Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Principal Independent Auditor

Scott began working for InsuranceRescue Services as Operations Manager, beginning in April 2012.

During a 4-year period he supported marketing, product and technical research, consumer sales program development, insurance vendor products and all aspects of administration. Scott was directly involved with all client projects. Some of the many personal lines insurance activities in which he has participated include auditing, underwriting assessments, profit improvement reviews, insurance form and insurance policy reviews, and policy and form compliance assessments.

In 2016 Scott became an independent contractor and currently provides services as a Principal Auditor for InsuranceRescue projects. In addition to many of the functions listed in his Operations Manager position, Scott now works directly with IR clients and helps train audit team members with client systems and procedures.